The North Face – Enduro Boa

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Finally! Something new! Here are some boards for a 15 spot concept. The boards showcase the new and improved features of the Enduro Boa; The North Face’s camel pack.


Skittles Blitz

•05/03/2010 • 1 Comment

Skittles Blitz

Here’s a key concept piece for an upcoming skittles spot.  The spot is about a new mixed flavor and how it came to be! I’ll be posting some of the wireframes/concept sketch soon.


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Loollie is coming along just swell! The static pose has been finalized. Now her action pose in the works! – Update to follow


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DuViole – Style 1

This character is being developed for the short film “Piccolina”


•04/13/2010 • 2 Comments

I’ve been working on Loollie here and there, but I’ve also been practicing and making some 3d sketches. This one is called BUGGO!!! Curiosity and surprise should be a part of every day!


Swimming with the Fishy

•07/12/2009 • 1 Comment


Oh no! My head popped off! Well here’s another expression I modeled in Zbrush. I had an idea of the surprise expression and then thought of pairing it up with Mr. Fishy. Hope you like!

mmmmmmm Pop!

•07/06/2009 • 2 Comments

I’ve been working on a self portrait of sorts… and pie! This guy was sculpted with zbrush and then rendered in mental ray. I have a few other facial expressions finished, but I have to muster up to energy to render them, when are they gonna make the “make super awesome” render button??? Or, when am I gonna get my mainframe to render HD realtime scenes?!